An indie JRPG combining Final Fantasy and Castlevania is already one of 2022’s highest-rated games

Folks, we may have a last-minute GOTY contender on our hands. Astlibra Revision, an ambitious 2D JRPG 15 years in the making, launched on Steam last month and has since become the 55th highest-rated 2022 release on the storefront, according to Steam Top 250 (opens in new tab)

Astlibra Revision (opens in new tab) has been pitched as Final Fantasy meets Castlevania, and somehow it actually seems to deliver on that wild promise – based on its 2,919 “Overwhelmingly Positive” Steam reviews, at least. It also seems to have more than a spot of Vanillaware to it. I’m definitely getting some Dragon’s Crown and Odin Sphere vibes here. 

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