Jean-Pierre Jabouille: First Renault driver to win a Formula 1 grand prix dies, aged 80

Jean-Pierre Jabouille, right, with Renault team-mate Rene Arnoux at the 1979 French Grand Prix, where he earned Renault’s first victory in Formula 1 Former Grand Prix driver Jean-Pierre Jabouille, the man who took Renault’s first Formula 1 win, has died aged 80. The Frenchman was a key part of Renault’s 1977 entry into Formula 1 … Read more

Zero-G Firefighting Coming As Space FPS Boundary Holds Next Beta Test During Steam Next Fest

The annual Steam Next Fest event is taking place next week and it seems plenty of companies are using it as an opportunity to showcase their games. In this case, Skystone Games and Studio Surgical Scalpels are opening their space-based, PvP, team shooter Boundary to players in another beta test during the event. That means … Read more

Canadian groundhog Fred la Marmotte found dead before planned prediction | Canada

A Canadian woodchuck has cast a different type of shadow over Groundhog Day: just hours before he was due to predict spring’s arrival, Fred la Marmotte was found dead. The groundhog showed “no vital signs” when the organizer of the annual 2 February tradition in Val-d’Espoir, Quebec, tried to wake him from hibernation, local media … Read more

Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Raingate, Explained

This is the rain in question. What do you think?Gif: Game Informer / Capcom / Kotaku First, there was Spider-Man’s infamous Puddlegate. Then there were the not-so-watery streets of Cyberpunk 2077. Now it seems video game fans’ next watery, pre-release controversy involves the heavy rain seen in some early gameplay of the Resident Evil 4 … Read more

Game Developer Explains Why New Racing Games Suck at Car Damage

Gran Turismo 5 (2010) was the first game in the series to depict visual damage, but only the World Rally Championship-class rally cars received the fullest level of damage, losing doors, hoods, and other body panels.Screenshot: Sony Interactive Entertainment “We all know racing games claim to be real,” former NASCAR driver Jason Jarrett once said … Read more

Sturgeon’s political crisis deepens as she undermines her own gender laws

However, prominent critics such as MP Joanna Cherry and Ash Regan, a former minister who quit to vote against the plans, have continued to speak out against party policy.  Many more SNP figures are privately dismayed over Ms Sturgeon’s refusal to back down over an issue that opinion polling suggests puts her at odds with … Read more