UK mortgage approvals tumble; markets rally as China boosts Covid-19 vaccinations for elderly – business live | Business

Hong Kong stocks surge after China encourages elderly vaccination After Monday’s losses, Chinese markets are rallying back today. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng has surged more than 4% in late trading, as China announced plans to ramp up vaccinations for elderly citizens. The Hang Seng Tech Index is up by more than 5.5%, while the Shanghai … Read more

Dota: Dragon’s Blood: Season 4

Calling Dota: Dragon’s Blood one of Netflix’s best shows the service has put out in recent times wouldn’t be trying to oversell it. The fast-paced story we see is one that’s based on a fantasy setting enriched over the years by a colorful video game history, and that has now made for an incredible adaptation. … Read more

Riot Games Halting Wild Rift Esports League Operations Outside Asia for 2023

Riot Games has officially announced that the League of Legends: Wild Rift esports operations will now only focus on the Asia region. However, the publisher clarified that it shall partner with third-party tournament organizers to host various esports events in other regions. The official Wild Rift League will now feature 12 teams from China and … Read more

10 Best Mecha Anime, Officially Ranked

Mecha is not the most popular genre of anime like shonen and seinen. The reason is simple; not everyone finds their heart in shows maneuvering gigantic robots fighting. That said, mecha anime definitely contributes to the list of some of the greatest-known anime shows of all time. And it’s not like the mecha category has … Read more

‘Moral and appropriate’: Museum begins return of artefacts looted by British troops | UK News

Six artefacts stolen by British troops more than a century ago are being returned to their place of origin in Nigeria. Two Benin bronzes are among the objects being returned by the Horniman Museum in southeast London – a move it has described as “moral and appropriate”. A total of 72 pieces in the museum’s … Read more