Knock at the Cabin Review

Midway into the film, a disembodied voice whispers into the swallowing blackness: “look under the bed.” A young girl named Kaylee (Dali Rose Tetreault) bends down to take a peek, the camera following her gaze. It’s not that nothing happens in this moment, but it’s the anticipation that sends goosebumps racing down the spine. What … Read more

Growing Together launches in March 2023

The Sims 4 is getting a brand new expansion pack and base game update in March 2023, with each designed to allow more interactivity between family members. The base game update, arriving free for all players on 14 March 2023 will finally ‘free the baby’ – transforming the previously-static bassinet baby object into a fully … Read more

How Dbs’s New Stories Could Fit Together

The timeline for Dragon Ball Super became a little complicated with the introduction of the movies. After the Universe Survival Saga. the anime ended and the movies and manga branched off into different stories. Nobody was sure what the anime would do when it came back. However, with the latest arc of the DBS manga, … Read more

Nicola Bulley search: ‘High-risk’ investigation will have ‘quickly escalated’, former senior detective says | UK News

The search for missing mother-of-two Nicola Bulley will have “quickly escalated into a high-risk missing persons investigation”, a former senior detective has told Sky News. Howard Millington, who worked on many missing persons cases during a 30-year career with Greater Manchester Police, said Ms Bulley “seems to have disappeared into thin air”. Image: Nicola Bulley … Read more

Top 14 Most Toxic Couples In Anime

If you’ve watched Nana, you may be entitled to emotional compensation.Screenshot: Madhouse / Hidive / Kotaku Trigger warning: sexual assault Pound for pound, the absolute worst couple in all of anime goes to Nana’s Hachiko Komatsu and Takumi. While other terrible couplings rank high for how their shows’ more supernatural story elements heighten their rampant … Read more