Quran burned in front of Denmark mosque, Turkish embassy | Islamophobia News

An anti-Islam activist has burned copies of the Muslim holy book near a Copenhagen mosque and outside the Turkish embassy in Denmark. Rasmus Paludan, a far-right activist who holds both Danish and Swedish citizenship, had already infuriated the Turkish government by staging a Quran-burning protest in Sweden on January 21. On Friday, he replicated the … Read more

Video: Xbox Series S Ray Tracing Capabilities Tested By Digital Foundry

Subscribe to Pure Xbox on YouTube The folks over at Digital Foundry have once again taken a look at Xbox Series S, this time to see how our little digital-only box tackles ray tracing. This element of ‘next-gen’ has proved a bit of a stumbling block at times for Microsoft’s budget-friendly console, which is perhaps … Read more

Tax-free pensions limit could increase in back to work drive

However, Mr Hunt said that the best tax cut we could give the British people would be to halve inflation.  The Chancellor is understood to have told colleagues at Thursday’s Cabinet away day that getting inflation below five per cent this year will be difficult because of the Ukraine war and the Covid pandemic, and … Read more