Chill Out In Dungeons And Dragons Online’s Snowpeaks Festival Later This Week

It’s about to get chilly up in Dungeons and Dragons Online as the fantasy MMORPG prepares for the return of its Snowpeaks Festival. As in previous years, you’ll once again be able to take on the Snowpeaks obstacle course for a shot at bagging various rewards.

Before you can enter the Snowpeaks, you’ll first have to secure a key to the obstacle course from chests that drop from a new monster type. “A new Champion type, Scourge of the Snowpeaks, has arrived, and if you slay these Champions, a chest will appear that will reward you with Bronze, Silver, or Gold Snowpeaks Coins,” said Standing Stone Games. “[…] There is also a rare chance that the chest will contain a Frozen Key, which you can turn in to Flurry for access to the Snowpeaks themself! Frozen Keys can also be found in chests throughout the game while the event is active, but at a rarer rate.”

“While on the Snowpeaks, you will have your wits, reflexes, and ability to stay cool under pressure tested with a challenge to collect Coins as you slide, jump, and twist! Running a Snowpeaks challenge rewards you with a large number of Snowpeaks Coins. Anyone can run a challenge as long as they have a Frozen Key!”

As for the Snowpeak Coins, you’ll be able to use them to purchase a plethora of new rewards as well as old ones from past events such as the Festivult and Winter Games. This year’s new batch of rewards include Snowpeak’s Gifts of Charisma, Dexterity, Imbue Dice, Dodge and Max Dodge, Cold Spellpower, Cold Absorption, and Hamstring Ward.

You can also purchase Elixirs of Frosty Luck from the cash shop to gain an hour-long 5% boost to the Snowpeak Coin drop rate.

The Snowpeaks Festival kicks off tomorrow, January 25th and will run until February 12th. Standing Stone has published a handy guide to the event on the Dungeons and Dragons official site.

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