Chimeraland Players Will Get To Scarp Dinosaurs For Parts Come August 18

After bringing the Chimera and Medusa to join the creatures of Eastern mythology in Chimeraland, Level Infinite is now adding dinosaurs into the mix in next week’s Attack of the Tyrant update. Details are scarce at the moment but the update promises a fresh batch of pre-historic creatures to scrap for parts, in addition to evolved pets and more rewards to earn.

In the meantime, Level Infinite has rolled out a small update featuring new items for the cash shop, including a Short-legged Doggy Couch and a Silly Puppy Cabinet, among other things. The studio is also recruiting unpaid volunteers to bolster their customer support services. The player moderators will be responsible for providing customer and translation support and handling communication tasks between the players and the game developers.

Those who get the position will receive monthly in-game rewards for their services. If you’re interested, you can apply for the position by filling up this form. Applications will be accepted until August 15th.

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