Fans Wonder If ‘The Day Before’ Is Real After Last-Minute, Nine Month Delay

On paper, and in early screenshots, The Day Before looked and sounded like an intriguing survivalist MMO in the style of The Division and Day Z. In practice, things have now reached a point of absurdity where many don’t believe the game is even real, or ever coming out.

  • The Day Before was supposed to release on March 1, 2023. But in the last 24 hours, a comedy of errors has taken place:
  • The Day Before hyped up the release of actual gameplay footage today, which seems like something you’d probably need to be showing more than five weeks ahead of launch.
  • Yesterday, The Day Before was de-listed from Steam, which the developer, Fntastic, initially blamed on a bug.
  • Then, the developer came out with a statement that said the issue was that someone had made a trademark claim about “The Day Before,” which they had failed to secure. As such they were now delaying the game…nine months, to November 10, 2023.
  • Fnastic says they will “talk with their lawyers” about releasing the promised gameplay footage today, but even the game’s lead Discord mod is now questioning whether the game is real, and says he hasn’t seen the footage himself.

All of this is very reminiscent of another comedically absent game, Abandoned by Blue Box, which started out with fans thinking it was some sort of secret Hideo Kojima project, but it was definitely not that, and nothing ever came of it. It seems unlikely to ever be released.

Here, The Day Before was already accused of ripping off assets for some its early promotion, and frankly, always looked to good to be true for a tiny company that claims to be run by mostly volunteers, which their website claims are “making one of the most anticipated games in the world.”

It is just…almost impossible to believe this is a real game at this point, given all this nonsense, and if it is, it cannot be anywhere close to what people have come to expect from it, or what’s being promised by the developer. Without question, this is looking like Abandoned 2 at best, or something even scammier at worst.

At this point, I would stop paying attention to this game. Stop wishlisting it, stop saying “if they can pull it off it would be great!” If they can pull it off, they will release a finished, coherent game we can actually play, and then maybe we can start talking about it. But I would not hold my breath for that to happen.

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