Four men involved in violent Warrington town centre fights

A THUG involved in two violent fights in the town centre has been jailed ­– while three of his accomplices have been given stern warnings by the courts.

The four men participated in separate fights outside PJs and The Reef Bar that occurred in July and December last year.

One of the fights left a victim hospitalised with a hematoma.

Lewis Jenkins, of Halliday Close, Birchwood, was described as ‘playing a major role’ in the offences as he was the only one involved in both incidents.

Meanwhile, Tyler Fallon, Teighjay Campbell and Lucas Sexton were sentenced for their involvement in one of the incidents.

The group appeared before Liverpool Crown Court on Monday for sentencing.

Prosecuting, Sarah Griffin said that the first offence took place in July last year outside The Reef Bar and involved Jenkins, an army reject, and Fallon, of Bolton.

She told the court how the two defendants, aged 21 and 22, were involved in a fight outside of the club where their victim was punched and could not get back up.

When the defendants were approached by the police at the scene, they began to run away.

While running down Academy Way, Fallon turned around and struck one police officer in the face before continuing to run onto Barbauld Street.

Ms Griffin explained how Fallon was then grabbed by a police officer who he then punched before being taken down to the floor and arrested.

Warrington Guardian: Tyler Fallon assaulted two police officersTyler Fallon assaulted two police officers

Jenkins was then shortly located and arrested.

When the victim woke up in hospital, he had no recollection but fortunately, the incident was captured on CCTV.

The court heard how he had to have a CT scan where it was revealed he had a hematoma to the skull and was told by GPs that he ‘had probably suffered concussion’.

In a victim personal impact statement, the man said how he was anxious of his surroundings for months after the assault and felt vulnerable and intimidated when going out drinking.

Ms Griffin said the second incident happened in December last year outside The Reef Bar and involved Jenkins, Campbell, of Cumberland, and Sexton, of Durby Court, Padgate.

This attack was ‘unprovoked’, and started after a victim, who was on a works night out, accidentally bumped into Jenkins inside the club.

Jenkins then punched him in response.

The victim’s workmate tried to calm things down – in response he was then assaulted inside the club by Jenkins and Campbell, 21, who has also been discharged from the army.

The court heard how the fight then ‘spilled’ outside where the two victims were ‘goaded’ by all three defendants.

A number of punches were thrown by the trio who followed the victims up the street after they asked them to leave them alone.

One victim was punched in the back of the head causing him to fall to the floor where he was then kneed to the stomach.

CCTV footage shown to the court revealed how all three men were punching the victims at one point.

Ms Griffin also said how there was ‘an attempt to evade police’ by all three.

She also said that Jenkins was on bail for the July offence and was subject to conditional discharge for a previous conviction of battery.

Defending Fallon, who pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm, Olivia Beesley said how her client is ‘very scared’ of facing custody.

She said: “He was ashamed watching the footage back.

“He wants me to convey to the court how deeply remorseful he is.”

Jeremy Rawson, defending Jenkins, who pleaded guilty to two counts of affray and assault: “He realises how stupid he has been and is now more aware of the effects that alcohol has on his behaviour.”

Campbell’s defence barrister Jim Smith said the incident was ‘alcohol-fuelled’ and one that his client regrets.

He said how Campbell has ‘thrown away a career in the army’.

Defending Sexton, Benjamin Berkson said his conduct can be described as a ‘drunk and impulsive’ decision and that he has had difficulties in life.

Before sentencing the group, Judge Brian Cummings, QC, said: “The court is dealing with sentences arising from two separate violent incidents in Warrington town centre.

“You are all very young and with the immaturity that goes with it.”

Addressing Jenkins, Judge Berkson said: “You played the major role.

“You struck the first blow for no obvious reason.

“I am satisfied that only immediate custody is appropriate in your case.”

Jenkins was handed a 14-month prison sentence.

Turning to Fallon, Campbell and Sexton, Judge Cummings added: “The rest of you take that as a warning as what awaits you if you make any further offences.

“In all of your cases you have come very close to immediate custody.

“But I have been persuaded to suspend the sentences.”

Fallon was handed a nine-month prison sentence suspended for two years and must complete 300 hours of unpaid work and pay £300 in prosecution costs.

Meanwhile, Campbell and Sexton were both handed six-month prison sentences suspended for two years.

They must both complete 200 hours of unpaid work and pay £100 each in prosecution costs.

Concluding the sentencing, Judge Cummings said: “Do not go away with the idea that this is all somehow over.

“It is not over for two years until you have completed your suspended sentences.

“If you come back before the court in breach, the law is that the court must activate the sentence in full.

“If you come back before me, expect to go to prison.”

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