GOG kicks off its Black Friday sale with a free game

Black Friday week is now in full swing, the sales are flying, and GOG is giving away another game. Today’s offering is Narita Boy (opens in new tab), a combat-heavy pixel-platformer that takes place in a digital world inside a 1980s game console.

We thought Narita Boy was quite good when we reviewed it in 2021. “Slicing and dicing through enemies feels punchy, and there are plenty of ways to take out an enemy without spamming the attack button,” we wrote in our 70% review (opens in new tab). “Boss fights are more challenging, but not as much as I was expecting. These dramatic encounters feel more about showing off the idea behind the creation rather than being actually difficult. One boss battle I had to dodge a giant mechanical carp in a bathhouse as I surfed on a giant floppy disk—which was pretty fantastic.”

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