Kill time during long transfers with Lunar Lander in your Windows copy dialog

There’s nothing better than injecting a little bit of fun into the otherwise mundane. Little things, like tossing your trash for a three-pointer or sliding down the bannister add a little joy to an otherwise dull passing life event. We are often by nature fun seeking beings, and that is why it is only natural that someone has developed a way to play Lunar Lander in the copy status box that pops up during a file transfer in Windows.

Unfortunately, this wonderful innovation doesn’t come from Microsoft. Instead, you’ll have to head over to Sanakan8472’s Github (opens in new tab) (via BetaNews (opens in new tab)) to download this program and then install the Copy Dialog Lunar Lander. From here copying a large enough file will give you the opportunity to experience this Atari classic while you transfer.

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