Lord Of The Rings Online Outlines Plans For Upcoming PvMP Balance Passes

Standing Stone Games has dropped more information about its upcoming plans to roll out another round of balance passes for Lord of the Rings Online’s PvMP mode, a.k.a. Monster Play following complaints that its latest roadmap was severely lacking.

The upcoming balance adjustments will include a revamp of the PvMP tutorial and quests. The quests in particular will be reworked to make them easier to complete, increase Legendary Item experience, and improve rewards by adding random rare spawns, weekly wrapper quests, bonus events, new skins, and a new pet.

Keep defenders will also be buffed and upgradeable doors and siege equipment will eventually be added to towers and keeps to help impede progress and allow the team to reduce the number of NPCs to reduce lag. The ability to scale ruins will also be added.

Ettendeep bosses will also be returning to the Ettenmoors starting with Grodris. “The matriarch will assert control over her brood and begin nurturing the next generation of hatchlings. Which of course means she will be available to summon through some means,” wrote Community Manager Allan “Orion” Maki. “Some of this is rather broad stroke ideas and some are more formulated and further along. This is, by no means, a comprehensive list of updates that we are planning over the course of the year.”

“I didn’t even touch on the enhancements and inclusion of potential ‘Allegiances’ to the monster players as it is something that will support the monster player only community through the period when the players are moving to the next level cap. There are a host of ideas – these are just the portions of the iceberg that have buoyed above the surface,” he added.

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