Searching The Last Of Us On Google Will Infect Your Browser (In A Fun Way)

The Last of Us fever is still in full swing, with the HBO TV adaptation posting incredible viewership numbers and the games riding the success wave to leap back into the charts.

With the marketing machine spinning up in full, even Google is on board with their usual interactive shenanigans, giving anyone curious about The Last of Us a fungal surprise right in their browsers.

Currently, if you search The Last of Us on Google in a desktop or mobile browser, you should see a little mushroom button pop up toward the bottom of the screen (you may have to scroll a bit for it to register). Clicking the mushroom will see infected fungus begin to creep up the screen, with more appearing the more you click/tap the button. It should, eventually, look like this:

the last of us google

Of course, the Google search page still works just fine and you’ll be able to clear the “infection” by pressing the X button next to the mushroom, so there’s no danger of your phone or computer becoming a literal Clicker.

You can read our review of the full series of HBO’s The Last of Us here, and if you’re curious about when and where to catch each episode on Australian streaming services we have a handy guide right here.

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