10 most powerful demons in anime of all time

Even the strongest of heroes in the anime, who are known for their valiance, have often had second thoughts about facing a demon head-on. These demonic characters are some of the most potent malevolent supernatural entities, known for their charismatic and intimidating disposition, apart from being the ultimate powerhouse. Over time, the anime universe has … Read more

Sakura’s voice actor on indefinite leave due to illness

Japanese talent agency Axl One said on Monday, November 28, that Sakura’s Japanese voice actor for the Boruto series, Chie Nakamura, will be on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time. Axl One reports that Nakamura has ulcerative colitis, making the hiatus medically necessary. The biggest impact of Nakamura’s indefinite hiatus will likely be on … Read more

10 anime and manga based on real events

Whilst many anime and manga draw inspiration from folklore, some spawn from real people or real events. Whether they are natural disasters like huge earthquakes, samurai dramas, terror attacks, or war, plenty of anime and manga exist that portray real events that affected Japan and the world. Some examples include the shonen manga focused around … Read more

Disney’s Haunted Mansion Is Getting an Anime Makeover

Disney Parks houses some of the world’s greatest attractions, and several of its original rides have spawned fandoms of their own. From the Jungle Cruise to Figment’s Journey Into Imagination, Disney fans have their favorites, but few can compare to The Haunted Mansion. The dark ride has endeared millions over the years, and now, the … Read more

Fans are ecstatic over the anime-original scenes in “Katsuki Bakugo Rising”

My Hero Academia season 6 episode 9 was released on Saturday, November 26, bringing with it an inspiring series of events. For manga readers, the episode’s release marked the long-awaited adaptation of the Katsuki Bakugo Rising chapter of the series’ manga. Despite anime-only fans not knowing what was coming, they were impressed with the events … Read more

Automata Ver1.1a anime reveals Anya’s voice actor as Lily in a new character preview

The official website for the upcoming NieR:Automata Ver1.1a anime released a promotional video focusing on a new character. The PV is titled Promotional File 006 and shows android Lily. Voice actor Atsumi Tanezaki will be joining the ensemble cast for the highly anticipated NieR:Automata Ver1.1a anime series, which is reaffirmed for a January 2023 release … Read more

10 times Naruto was inspired by other mangas

Going on for three decades, the Naruto manga has been one of the most iconic and influential franchises of all time. It shaped the childhoods of many otakus and paved the way for several ongoing series, such as Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen, to become successful mainstream shows. This list will include various anime series … Read more

10 iconic sports anime and manga that influenced Japan

Sports is one of the most exciting and unique genres of anime and manga. Regardless of which sport it centers on, these series typically feature high-intensity, fast-paced action sequences interspersed with emotional and developmental character moments. Sports anime series are also some of the most popular amongst Japanese and international youth, because of their predominant … Read more

Is the Uzumaki clan stronger than the Uchiha?

Aside from unique characters and their perspectives, the world of Naruto is brimming with different clans. The concept of a “Clan” in Naruto comes from a group of people choosing to live together as a family, as the very first ones were formed out of mercenaries from the military, even before the first war. Disclaimer: … Read more

Netflix’s New Ad-Supported Plan May Cost It Some Anime

Image: Studio MAPPA/Toho Animation Similar to what HBO Max did back in 2021, Netflix launched an ad-supported plan at the start of November. At a cheaper price, it’s the streamer’s way of bringing in more users to balance out its loss of subscribers from earlier in the year. That alone would be notable, given Netflix’s … Read more