Rumour: Amazon Buys Tomb Raider for Twice the Price of Embracer’s Square Enix Buyout

Is Tomb Raider now owned by Amazon? Well, nobody really knows for sure, but one website has run a report saying so. According to The Lord of the Rings fansite, Fellowship of Fans, Embracer Group is in the process of selling the iconic IP to the juggernaut company. As part of a wider report about … Read more

Fleabag Creator To Pen Amazon’s Tomb Raider Adaptation

Image: Crystal Dynamics If you, like me, are having trouble keeping track of all the video game adaptations coming to TV and film, you may have forgotten that a Tomb Raider series is in development over at Amazon. Well, friends, I will not be forgetting about this show any time soon, now that writer/actor/comedian Phoebe … Read more

Embracer Group has spent $2 million on its video game preservation archive

Billion-dollar games titan Embracer Group isn’t just buying up tons of game developers–it’s also collecting old classics in a major effort in video games preservation. 3 VIEW GALLERY – 3 IMAGES A bit ago, the Swedish Embracer Group started its Games Archive initiative. The goal is simple: Embracer wants to amass as many retro consoles, … Read more

The Next, And ‘Biggest’ Tomb Raider To Be Delivered By Amazon

Screenshot: Crystal Dynamics / Kotaku In really stepping things up news, it’s just been announced that Amazon Games is set to publish the next Tomb Raider game. Following Square Enix’s retreat from the Western front, and the sale of both developer Crystal Dynamics and the Tomb Raider license itself, it was unclear what might happen … Read more

Embracer Group Has 234 Games Planned to Launch by March 2026

Embracer Group is a huge holding company that owns countless publishing brands, studios, and video game IPs. Over the last few years, its rapid expansion has been fascinating to see. To name just a few, it has splashed cash on the likes of Perfect World Entertainment, 4A Games, Flying Wild Hog, and the entirety of … Read more