Twice deported Albanian migrant uses child he had with British woman in effort to remain in the UK

An Albanian drug offender who was twice ordered to leave the UK tried for a third time to stay, arguing that having a family life and a child gives him the right to remain under human rights laws. Blerim Ismalaj, 30, was deported from Britain in January 2013 after being sentenced to 16 months in … Read more

Foreign students and their dependents could face curbs as net migration hits half a million

Other options could include a clamp down on students exploiting the two-year graduate visas to remain in the UK doing low-skilled work and increasing the salary threshold for skilled workers, which has not been uprated in line with inflation. Mrs Braverman said the Government remained committed to reducing migration “over time,” acknowledging the current level … Read more

Illegal immigrants are not entitled to luxury hotels

Successive years of record numbers crossing the Channel have pushed our immigration system to breaking point and beyond. Last week, the Manston processing centre, created temporarily to support those we had saved at sea, surged in numbers – and calm weather in the days and weeks ahead will likely trigger yet more crossings.  Almost every … Read more

Ten-point migration plan to end ‘Hotel Britain’

The crackdown on hotels is one of 10 prospective measures to tackle the migrant crisis, in which a record near 40,000 men, women and children have crossed the Channel this year. The biggest surge has been among Albanians, accounting for 12,000, or nearly a third of the arrivals. Ministers plan a bespoke fast-track deportation scheme … Read more

Abuse of our asylum laws is morally indefensible

Some years ago one of my parliamentary colleagues, a Home Office minister, travelled on a bus from the immigration detention centre at Harmondsworth to Stansted airport with 43 migrants who were being removed to their home country. They had been in the UK for years, claiming to be refugees from the war in Kosovo. During … Read more

Harmondsworth: Detainees who caused disturbance at London immigration centre ‘will be held to account’

A group of armed detainees behind the “violence and disorder” at a west London immigration centre during a power outage will be held to account, a minister has said. No one was injured during the “disturbance” overnight at Harmondsworth detention centre near Heathrow Airport, according to immigration minister Robert Jenrick. Electricity issues began on Friday … Read more

Migrants abandoned at Victoria station due to ‘massive’ Home Office error, charity worker claims

A Home Office worker admitted a “massive error” had been made after asylum seekers were left at a central London station without accommodation after being taken out of the processing centre at Manston, a charity volunteer has said. A group of 11 men were driven to the capital from Kent on Tuesday as part of … Read more

Suella Braverman is the victim of a Westminster witch-hunt

Suella Braverman is capable of mistakes: she admitted as much by resigning as home secretary under Liz Truss for accidentally breaking the ministerial code. She yesterday admitted further use of personal IT for matters that were governmental. This was not good, but was it iniquitous? Why is Mrs Braverman – returned to her post by … Read more

Just Stop Oil supporters spray orange paint onto the MI5 building, Home Office, Bank of England

The buildings, including the headquarters of the Secret Intelligence Service, were targeted using fire extinguishers loaded with orange paint about 8.30am on Monday. The group said the buildings were chosen to represent “the four pillars that support and maintain the power of the fossil fuel economy — government, security, finance and media”. The Metropolitan Police … Read more

Migrants set to share hotels with public as Channel crisis worsens

Natalie Elphicke, the Conservative MP for Dover, said that even before Sunday’s petrol bomb attack she had spoken to Robert Jenrick, the immigration minister, about “rising tensions” following an earlier incident last week. “We have to see the Prime Minister speaking directly with President Emmanuel Macron to get a different agreement in terms of stopping … Read more