Guy Gets Saved From Being Fired Over Gaming In The Best Way

Photo: Alberto Ortega/Europa Press (Getty Images) The union-oriented Twitter account Daily Union Elections asked the world in a recent tweet, “Union folks, what is the best grievance/[Unfair Labor Practice] that you’ve ever won?” And the world responded in kind. As a proud union girl myself, I thought a few stories stood out, but one came … Read more

Former PlayStation and Activision Execs Bring Survival MMORPG Resurgence to ImmutableX

Copyright 2022 PR Newswire. All Rights Reserved2023-01-26 The free-to-play, post-apocalyptic survival MMORPG comes from a new web3 studio backed by four centuries of experience building AAA games, including FIFA, The Sims, Need for Speed, Gran Turismo, Horizon Zero Dawn, and others SYDNEY, Jan. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Emergent Games, a leading web3 games studio bringing together … Read more

Horror Devs Surprise World With Bright Game Pass Exclusive

Screenshot: Tango Gameworks Today, during Xbox’s Developer Direct, Shinji Mikami and the developers of The Evil Within surprised everyone by announcing not a new horror game but a stylish, cartoon-bright action game. Hi-Fi Rush, developed by Tango Gameworks, is a cel-shaded rhythm action game where players traverse colorful Sunset Overdrive-esque (or Jet Set Radio-style for my … Read more

New Racing Game Promises The Best Dirty Video Game Cars Ever

Image: Turn 10 / Microsoft Forza Motorsport is one of a handful of big 2023 Xbox exclusives, and the racing sim’s devs are talking a big game from dynamic weather and changing track temperatures all the way down to minute details like how dirt accumulates on your car over the course of each lap. “Damage … Read more

NASA and DARPA Discuss New Advanced Propulsion Tech

Artist’s conception of a spacecraft enabled by nuclear thermal propulsion.Illustration: NASA Two of the most forward-thinking agencies in the United States are joining forces to foster the development of advanced space propulsion. A fireside chat on the new collaboration is scheduled for Tuesday morning, and you can watch it live right here. The 2023 American … Read more

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto Online Has a Serious Security Bug for PC Users

Photo: Sergei Elagin (Shutterstock) Reports indicate that a bug in Grand Theft Auto V Online is putting PC gamers’ gameplay—and even, potentially, hardware—at risk. The bug is allegedly allowing cheaters and modders to hijack, edit, or corrupt PC gamers account information. Some players report having all of their gameplay and account data erased, while others … Read more

War Thunder Players Once Again Post Military Documents On Forum

An unclassified look at an F-15E Strike EaglePhoto: (Getty Images) You may remember that one of the funniest stories of 2022 was the way that players of War Thunder—an arcadey online shooter featuring real military vehicles—just kept on posting military documents in the game’s forums. Not as acts of espionage, but to win arguments … Read more

How ‘The Last of Us’ changed gaming, strained relationships and spawned an empire

Sony’s landmark 2013 game The Last of Us didn’t make it easy on players. But the difficulty curve was more emotional than technical, for the game delivered the zombie genre at its most heady, grief-stricken and intimate. How it started: Grim. Joel, a down-on-his-luck single dad, can’t catch a break. Then comes a viral outburst … Read more

Fish Play Pokémon Scarlet And Violet, Commits Credit Card Fraud

Image: Nintendo / PNGWing / Kotaku / designer491 (Getty Images) A YouTuber created an alternative Nintendo Switch controller for their pet fish, which allows them to play video games on livestream. That fish managed to spend real money on some digital purchases while trying to beat a gym leader in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet (h/t: … Read more

Video Game-Playing Fish Commit Credit Card Fraud

As if there weren’t enough things to worry about when connecting a device to the internet, you might now have to stress over your pet fish making online purchases you didn’t approve—at least if you run a YouTube channel where you live stream your pet fish playing video games like Pokémon. There’s a lot to … Read more