The 10 most iconic retro mobile phones: How many do YOU remember? 

It can be hard to remember a life before smartphones, now that they have replaced maps, watches, calendars and cameras, to name just a few. But once upon a time we were all clicking buttons instead of tapping screens, and furiously hitting ‘back’ when we accidentally opened an internet browser, just in case it used … Read more

Have YOU suffered Apple’s 14 Pro Max’s ‘freezing bug’?

Users report their new iPhone 14 Pro Max is regularly freezing. Experts told that trying to do a ‘hard restart’ is one way to fix the problem A bug plaguing the new iPhone 14 Pro Max is mysteriously freezing smartphones – sometimes to the point where the device is unusable. Many users have reported … Read more

Twitch Streamer Plays Elden Ring Using Only Her Brain

Screenshot: Perrikaryal / Kotaku When you tune into Twitch streamer Perrikaryal’s channel, you might see her playing FromSoftware’s role-playing game epic Elden Ring with fourteen, unfamiliar black sensors stuck to her scalp. It’s her—as she said during an informational stream earlier today—“just for fun” electroencephalogram (EEG) device, something researchers use to record the brain’s electrical … Read more

Five best new features of Apple’s iOS 16.3 update released TODAY

Five best new features of Apple’s iOS 16.3 update released TODAY… including one that might literally be a lifesaver By Rob Waugh For Dailymail.Com Published: 14:37 EST, 23 January 2023 | Updated: 14:43 EST, 23 January 2023 Apple’s latest iOS software update has arrived and includes a handful of new features — one of which … Read more

New Apple Leak Reveals iPhone 15 Design Shock

iPhone 15 leaks claim Apple is planning several eye-opening design changes. Now prominent leaker ShrimpApplePro has revealed more details, saying the changes mean that “iPhone 15 now looks more Android than ever.” In a series of tweets, the anonymous leaker claims that all iPhone 15 models will have curved edges with a Dynamic Island. The … Read more

Turn An Old Phone Into A Brilliant Handheld Xbox

Your phone can be quickly converted to a handheld console Razer Which of us hasn’t got an old smartphone sat in a desk drawer? For a modest outlay, that phone could be turned into a brilliant handheld Xbox console, letting you play hundreds of games without needing a full-blown Xbox. Here’s how to turn an … Read more

WhatsApp to stop working on older iPhones and Androids in 2023

WhatsApp set to stop working on 49 smartphones for millions of users this month during major upgrade Messaging service WhatsApp to stop working on older phones WhatsApp will stop working on old iPhone and Android models Those users affected will be delivered an alert by WhatsApp  By David Southwell For Daily Mail Australia Published: 01:52 … Read more

PS3 Hacker Hired To Fix Twitter By Elon Musk Just Quit, Yikes

I feel this “I give up energy” from Hotz so hard.Photo: San Francisco Chronicle / Hearst Newspapers (Getty Images) Twitter has been a sinking ship ever since billionaire jerk Elon Musk took it over in October 2022 (though, arguably, you could say it’s been that way for a while now). The SpaceX and Tesla CEO … Read more

After USB-C, EU all set to mandate user replaceable batteries in gadgets, EVs

The EU is considering a move to mandate user replaceable batteries in portable gadgets and EVs. USB-C recently got mandated in the EU for smartphone manufacturers, affecting Apple’s future plans in the region for its iPhones. However, the EU is not stopping here. Based on a new report, it now seems that the EU plans … Read more