New Yakuza Game Will Cameo Kenny Omega, Rahul Kohli

I used to pray for times like this.Image: Sega / Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios / Kotaku Sega and its Ryu Ga Gotoku studio announced that some big stars in the worlds of professional wrestling and Hollywood will make cameos in the upcoming samurai Yakuza spin-off, Like A Dragon: Ishin! In an announcement trailer on Sega’s … Read more

Fans Seem Split on Like a Dragon: Ishin’s New Combat as Cards Star in Latest Trailer

Subscribe to Push Square on YouTube The reception to Like a Dragon: Ishin! has largely been positive since the game’s reveal last year. This is, after all, a remake of a highly rated instalment that was never officially released outside of Japan. We’re all expecting yet another engrossing RGG Studio adventure, but for some fans, … Read more

Yakuza’s Cabaret Boss Minigame Is Making A Triumphant Return

Screenshot: Yakuza Every Yakuza game has some kind of weird side hustle going on where players can sink hours of their time into what’s essentially a management sim. In Like a Dragon is was a confectionary store. In Yakuza 6 it was a baseball team. In one of the series’ two upcoming games, though, it’s … Read more

Yakuza’s Addictive Cabaret Club Will Return in Like a Dragon Gaiden on PS5, PS4

The minigames are a massive part of the appeal in any Yakuza title, and it looks like SEGA will be bringing back a classic for the upcoming Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name. Those of you who follow the series closely will know that Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio is currently holding … Read more