Navy reveals ‘vital’ new mine-hunting ship to detect undersea threats

A new Royal Navy mine-hunting ship that will help detect undersea threats has been seen for the first time. The vessel, which will serve as a mother ship to launch drones for detecting mines, arrived on Monday in Plymouth, Devon. When deployed, it will help to safeguard UK waters from the threat of mines at … Read more

Ex-soldier posted TikTok video while guarding late Queen because job was ‘pointless’

“The Royal Guard is pointless,” said Mr Straughan. “The job is prestigious and we bring in a huge amount of money for the tourism industry, but we stand there getting abused for less than minimum wage. “I was constantly missing out on big days – birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s Eve all spent not seeing my … Read more

Defence spending to rise by more than a billion in victory for Ben Wallace

Defence spending is set to increase by more than a billion pounds to avoid a real term cut over the next two years, The Telegraph can reveal. The Treasury has accepted the argument that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) budget should not be falling relative to inflation while war rages in Ukraine. Jeremy Hunt, the … Read more

Putin adopting style of warfare abandoned by modern armies, says UK

V ladimir Putin’s army has adopted a style of warfare abandoned by most modern militaries, the British Ministry of Defence said on Friday. The Russians have used huge amounts of energy and resources constructing “extensive defensive positions” and digging trenches along the front lines in Ukraine. Russia’s military planning has remained “largely unchanged since the … Read more

Army fury as soldiers told to give up their Christmas to cover striking workers

Earlier this week, the Government announced that 2,000 military personnel and volunteers were undergoing training to stand in to support a range of services, including Border Force officers at airports. More troops could be sent out to drive ambulances during an NHS strike on Dec 21, although an official request has not yet been made. … Read more

Ukraine war: Russian breakthrough in central Donetsk unlikely, says UK

R ussian forces have suffered heavy casualties during fighting in south-central Donetsk province and are unlikely to achieve a breakthrough in the area, British defence chiefs say. In its latest intelligence update, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said the area around the town of Pavlivka and Vuhledar had seen “intense combat” in the past two … Read more

Russian reservists suffer ‘heavy casualties’ digging trenches while under fire

James Cleverly, the Foreign Secretary, who arrived in Kyiv for an unannounced visit on Friday, said a promised air-defence package, which Britain valued at £50 million ($60 million), would help Ukraine defend itself against Russia’s bombardments. “Words are not enough. Words won’t keep the lights on this winter. Words won’t defend against Russian missiles,” Mr … Read more

Red Arrows commander suspended amid claims of affair with junior colleague

Mr Montenegro reportedly met the female corporal in 2017 when he had two sons with a woman he went on to marry. The affair with his colleague apparently lasted a year, during which time he held the position of “Red One”, the most senior pilot within the squadron, while the corporal was allegedly a member … Read more

Britain’s nuclear test veterans speak out as their work is honoured at last

Terry Quinlan, who served in the Royal Army Service Corps and witnessed five detonations while serving in the South Pacific, had begun his morning with a three-hour tribunal with Veterans UK, the body which makes decisions on war pensions. He described to The Telegraph the various ailments, including large tumours on his side, that he … Read more

Russian forces ‘riven by poor junior and mid-level leadership’, says UK

R ussian forces in Ukraine remain “riven by poor junior and mid-level leadership and cover-up culture”, British defence chiefs have said. In its latest intelligence update, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said two groups of Russian personnel recently fled from an unnamed area after their commander was killed, and later tried to cover up the … Read more