Rishi Sunak is already battling his party on five fronts

Mr Davis has pointed out that countries with a reputation for being more liberal than Britain, such as Sweden, have similar policies in place, and he argues that almost all illegal arrivals from Albania, who now account for around a quarter of all cross-Channel migrants, could be sent straight home. Tory MPs in former Red … Read more

NHS should consider robots to plug staffing gaps, says Steve Barclay

He urged the health service to do more to embrace new ways of working, in order to ensure the most efficient ways of working.  “Currently, I believe the NHS scores the risk of innovation too high when compared to the risk of the status quo,” he said, saying the sum “needs to be recalibrated”. “Take … Read more

GP ‘working from home’ more than 250 miles away from her surgery

A GP has been working from home more than 250 miles away from her surgery after relocating to the Cornish seaside, The Telegraph can reveal. Dr Justine Hall is one of three doctors listed as working at Rudgwick Medical Centre in Horsham, West Sussex. Her name appears in bold lettering on the gold nameplate outside … Read more

How genetically edited chickens resistant to bird flu could crack the problem

Avian flu is a major threat to farmed chickens and can lead to entire flocks being culled. In rare instances, certain variations of the virus can infect people and cause serious illness. Some supermarkets have already started rationing egg supplies as farmers battle the huge outbreak of avian flu in Britain and rising energy and … Read more

NHS England to fast-track prostate drug which can prolong survival by years

A prostate cancer drug which can extend survival by years will be fast-tracked by the NHS. Around 9,000 men with advanced disease will be eligible for darolutamide when the health service in England becomes the first in Europe to offer the drug.  The deal has been made possible because of an international partnership set up … Read more

Titanosaur to put Dippy in the shade at Natural History Museum

Prof Barrett added: “As the skeleton is so large, being able to get the cases through the doors and having enough room to work around it are likely to prove a challenge. “However, thanks to Dippy’s national tour around the UK, our team now has lots of practice in assembling large dinosaur skeletons.” Patagotitan was … Read more

Just Stop Oil protesters march in front of traffic

On Sunday night, police warned they were expecting a fresh wave of disruption from the climate activists, which will see them blocking major roundabouts, glueing themselves to the tarmac and marching slowly in front of traffic in central London. The daily disruption is expected to last until at least December 14. A spokesperson for Just … Read more

Rishi Sunak and Michael Gove consider watered-down planning bill amid Tory revolt

Rishi Sunak and Michael Gove are considering watering down their flagship planning bill in an attempt to head off a growing Tory revolt, rebels have claimed. Downing Street officials, along with the Levelling Up Secretary and ministers have held a series of discussions with planning rebels in an attempt to reach a compromise, The Telegraph … Read more

Thousands of patients enduring 12-hour A&E waits every day

Analysis by the RCEM, which was based on Freedom of Information disclosures, suggests the figure could reach 1.5 million this year, with a 50 per cent rise in cases in a year. NHS targets say A&E patients should be treated, admitted or discharged within four hours – but the current performance of 71 per cent … Read more

Michael Gove’s support for onshore wind farms fuels Tory rebellion

Michael Gove has told allies he supports ending the ban on onshore wind farms, leaving Rishi Sunak’s Cabinet split on the issue and fuelling a growing Tory rebellion. The Levelling Up Secretary is understood to have been joined by Grant Shapps, the Business Secretary; and Graham Stuart, the climate change minister, in privately supporting the … Read more